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Average Floridians are Overpaying their Insurance…

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Do you own a boat or other personal watercraft? Taking a trip out on the water can be a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones. However, it is important that you make sure you have the right amount of insurance coverage before you begin your adventure.

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We are independent insurance agents who work with a multitude of different carriers to find the one that suits your needs and budget the best. Our dedicated team will sit down and help you determine what type of policy is best for your situation and help you navigate the choppy waters of deciding on coverage.

Insuring a boat or other watercraft in Florida is actually quite similar to purchasing a policy for your car. The liability portion of the policy covers damage to other’s property or their medical bills if there is any sort of boating accident. Medical payments coverage handles healthcare costs for any injured persons riding on or in your vessel, while physical damage covers repairs to your boat.

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Specialized endorsements and other coverage options are also available. Some boat owners opt to add towing coverage to their policies in case their vessel is damaged in a covered incident and needs to be towed to a repair facility. Others opt to add prop damage coverage in case they need it. There are event specific riders for personalized equipment and accessories. Each policy has its own unique conditions, so it is important to speak with your agent before fully deciding.

As trusted boat insurance agents, we offer many different types of policies to help you cover your boat, jet ski, or other personal watercraft vessel. To learn more or to receive a no-obligation quote, please contact us today.