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Home Insurance

Home insurance can be a difficult area to navigate unless you have the right agent to help you with coverages and carriers.  At My Florida Insurance, we have experienced agents ready to help you with this important task.

A homeowner’s insurance policy is made up of many coverages and features.  The biggest question we get at My Florida Insurance is why am I not insuring the home for the purchase price?  Keep in mind, you will want to insure the home for replacement purposes and not the land.  In most cases, this is where the difference in amounts lie.

Home insurance policies main coverages can protect you from storms, fire, theft, vandalism, smoke, and many more! There are many endorsements and forms that you can add to your policy, too.

We pride ourselves on educating each of our customer on what options are available and what you would be purchasing.  Contact our agents today!  They can help you from becoming overwhelmed.