"Thanks for the great service, you are sure making my decision to change look like a good one!."

-David Szubski

"It's such a pleasure to work with someone (Kim Sides) who knows the insurance business and works hard to get us the best value. I'll be referring neighbors and friends."

-Phil Johnson

"I've known Amanda (Fraser) Boge, my agent, for years. She's friendly and so easy to work with. I know she's going to provide me with the right coverage for me at the best possible price. She's incredibly thorough and makes dealing with insurance, pleasurable...which is not easy to do! I would highly recommend her! You won’t be disappointed with your coverage or experience!"

-Jessica Delfs

"My wife and I had our auto insurance through 2 different companies that were both giving us good deals. We are always getting quotes to see if we can save money with someone else, but we had gotten it about as low as we thought we could go. We decided to talk to My Florida Insurance, Inc. to see if they could possibly save us a little more but were skeptical.They came back with a quote for the exact same coverage for about $1,100 dollars cheaper for the both of us per year. We thought something had been misprintedand had to call them back, but it was 100% correct and that was exactly what we paid. So we also had them look at our home insurance and saved another $400 dollars as well! Usually I hate dealing with the hassle of switching insurance but they handled it all for us and we hardly had to do anything, they have been amazing to deal with. We highly, highly recommend them. They gave us a $1,500 raise this year!"

-Cullen Mann

"Best service I've ever received from an insurance agency!"

-Mark Simons

"Thanks Jen. Trevor was right, you guys ARE good!"

-Lynn Josephson

"It was a pleasure doing business with both Trevor and Jennifer. Their knowledge and professionalism helped us in making our choices. They were patient and explained the process, making us feel confident with our auto and home coverage. We would recommend them to all our friends and family."

-Robert & Bonnie Alberts

"I have worked with Amanda for several years now. I am confident in her abilities as an insurance agent. She is wonderful to work with and always takes care of my customers and clients. I know they will get the professional service they service. I recommend to Amanda to anyone in need of any type of insurance.

Amanda's service has been 100% better than what I had. I am so glad they sent out the flyer in the mail. I will certainly recommend them."

- Diane- Cape Coral, FL