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Average Floridians are Overpaying their Insurance…

Renters Insurance

I had no idea what to expect when I moved into my first apartment. Sure, I knew I needed car insurance. But the thought of purchasing renter’s insurance was the last thing I would have ever considered. Like most people, I thought my landlord covered my belongings. I just assumed anything damaged in a fire or stolen in a theft would be their responsibility to replace.

Then it happened. I came home to find someone had broken into my apartment and taken many of my things. I was devastated! After calling the police, I called my landlord who suggested I contact my renter’s insurance company.

The only problem was I didn’t have a renter’s insurance policy. Not only did I have to pay to replace my stuff, I had to go through the process of finding out what this type of insurance was and how it would affect me in the future.

After talking to the team at Johnson & Boge Insurance Group, I learned a lot. Renter’s policies are available for those who live in any sort of rented dwelling, including homes, condos, and apartments. Usually, they are an affordable bundle policy that includes both liability and personal property coverage. Additional endorsements for firearms, jewelry, computer equipment, and artwork can be added if you need them.

Most independent insurance agents, including Johnson & Boge Insurance Group, work with a variety of different carriers. This allows them to shop the best rates on your behalf and find the one that offers the best level of coverage at the most affordable rate. Discounts are even sometimes available for having both your auto insurance policy and your renter’s policy with the same company.

As one of the most trusted agents, Johnson & Boge Insurance Group will work with you to find the right policy to suit your needs and budget. Please give them a call today for more information.